Reading things out of the blob in wpa_supplicant

Alun Evans alun
Tue Nov 21 07:49:42 PST 2006


I've been hacking up EAP-FAST support in Gnome's Network Manager.

As this is "pain-free" networking, ideally I'd like to use the blob to
store the pac file.

However, I don't really want to get the pac file over the air each
time the computer restarts, i.e. I'd like NM to be able to extract the
blob I specify, so that it can save that into gconf.

Seemingly though, while NM can communicate with wpa_sup like this:
SET_NETWORK 0 pac_file "blob://eap-fast-pac"

There's no way for it to read blob://eap-fast-pac back.. ?



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