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Emmanuel Grumbach egrumbach
Wed Nov 15 03:36:10 PST 2006


I am a newbie to HostAPd, and wanted to ask some questions about it, sorry
if is stupid... I read big chunks of the code and almost all the
documentation and couldn't find answers... I might have missed some details

1) Is the development HostAPd
compatible with legacy kernel 2.4 ? I understood that the whole HostAPd runs
in user mode and should be less kernel dependent than the driver part of
HostAP, but sometimes surprising things happen. Have someone ever run it
over 2.4 ?

2) Does someone have an idea when the development release will be made
stable ? I have looked at the code of the development and the stable
release, my conclusion was that there is quite a lot of very fancy features
I need in the development release that are not implemented in the stable...

10x !

Emmanuel Grumbach
egrumbach at
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