What EAP Lower Layer does when EAP State machine reaches Failure state??

Ravi Kishore ravikishore.s
Wed Nov 15 01:40:48 PST 2006

Hello HostAP,
I m trying to understand working of EAP Lower Layer in wpa_supplicant-0.4.5.
to reuse them in PKMV2 (802.16e) EAP Authentication.

After getting Code = EAP Fail, in eapReq, EAP State machine sets 
(boolean to indicate to EAPOL state machine, or EAP Lower Layer), sends 
no Response
back to the Authenticator and remains in EAP Failure state. What should 
be the next step
for EAP Lower Layer, what I think:

1: Either it should restart authentication.
2: OR should disassociate with the AP after canceling registered
    EAP_Authentication timers.

But in implementation I guess EAPOL state machine (EAP Lower machine) waits
till time out occurs. Correct me if I am wrong!!

Hope I was able to explain my points clearly..
Waiting for replies...

Ravi Kishore Singh
Software Engineer
Redpine Signals Inc.
Hyderabad, AP

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