madwifi session timeout issue

Ahmet Basagalar ahmet
Tue Nov 14 16:28:59 PST 2006

I have noticed that session timeout was not working properly with hostapd 
and madwifi driver. The reason is because WLAN_STA_AUTH flag is not being 
set on madwifi_new_sta function.

Also data counters was not being updated on radius after a session timeout. 
This looks like to the fact that station is deauthenticated before polling 
the counters from madwifi. So I have modified ap_handle_session_timer as 

void ap_handle_session_timer(void *eloop_ctx, void *timeout_ctx)
 hostapd *hapd = eloop_ctx;
 struct sta_info *sta = timeout_ctx;
 u8 addr[ETH_ALEN];

 if (!(sta->flags & WLAN_STA_AUTH))

 hostapd_logger(hapd, sta->addr, HOSTAPD_MODULE_IEEE80211,
         HOSTAPD_LEVEL_INFO, "deauthenticated due to "
         "session timeout");
 sta->acct_terminate_cause =
 ap_free_sta(hapd, sta);
 hostapd_sta_deauth(hapd, addr, WLAN_REASON_PREV_AUTH_NOT_VALID);

After this modification, session timeouts started to work fine.


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