Is there an access point supporting PMK caching and pre-authentication?

권정호 jkwon
Wed Nov 1 18:32:39 PST 2006

I?m trying to set up an 802.1X test environment supporting fast handoff.

Actually, I have read that an access point supporting WPA2 can support PMK
caching or/and pre-authentication for fast authentication process on the

So I?m now using D-LINK DWL G700AP as an access point which can support
WPA2, however I haven?t found how to configure PMK caching or pre-
authentication mode.

I think all access points supporting WPA2 don?t include the PMK caching or
pre-authentication function, right?

If so, are there other APs perfectly supporting PMK caching or pre-
authentication, not hostap ?

Please, reply to my question.


Thank you in advance.


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