Problem with hostapd config-file

the-able at the-able
Sun Jul 30 12:10:50 PDT 2006

Jouni Malinen wrote:
> Please make sure that all files were compiled correctly by running "make
> clean" followed by "make". If this this does not fix the issue, please
> verify that "nm hostapd | grep madwifi" is showing number of functions
> with madwifi_ prefix.

thanks for your answer i. tried make clean / make several times, i also
tried different hostapd-versions.

nm hostapd shows 24 functions, for example
0806cf60 t madwifi_deinit
08088bc0 r madwifi_driver_ops
0806b0f0 T madwifi_driver_register
0806b630 t madwifi_flush
0806bad0 t madwifi_get_seqnum
0806b1d0 t madwifi_get_ssid
0806cfd0 t madwifi_init


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