hostap 0.4.7 with the 2.6.17 kernel

Pavel Roskin proski
Thu Jul 6 16:18:11 PDT 2006

On Fri, 2006-07-07 at 01:26 +0300, Jar wrote:
> For some reason if you run make with 2.6.17 kernel all files in 
> /driver/modules directory are _deleted_.

That's the consequence of the "finger of death" patch by Sam Ravnborg.
It used to be even worse in 2.6.17 pre-releases, when the modules
directory would be deleted as well.  The best I could negotiate with Sam
was to spare the directory:

> But if do the following change 
> to the Makefile:
> -       $(MAKE) -C $(KERNEL_PATH) SUBDIRS=$(PWD)/driver/modules \
> -               MODVERDIR=$(PWD)/driver/modules modules
> +       $(MAKE) -C $(KERNEL_PATH) SUBDIRS=$(PWD)/driver/modules
> The files are not deleted and the compiling starts and at this point you 
> can see the messages:
> #error Host AP driver was added into Linux 2.6.14.
> #error The version used in the kernel tree should be used instead of this
> #error external release which is only maintained for old kernel versions.

That makes sense.  Defining MODVERDIR was done primarily for cosmetic
reasons to avoid having .tmp_versions directory.  Now that MODVERDIR is
a death sentence to the directory it points to, your patch would be

Pavel Roskin

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