Host AP on Fedora Core 3

Jun Sun jsun
Sun Nov 28 14:17:00 PST 2004

On Sun, Nov 28, 2004 at 09:51:17PM +0200, jar wrote:
> Jun Sun wrote:
> >I am compiling hostap as add-on modules.  The problem appears to be that
> >the modules are compiled as .o files instead of .ko files.  depmod -ae
> >won't discover the .o hostap files. 
> >
> >I did encounter a couple of other issues.  I summarize them as follows
> >and hopefully other people can benefit:
> You don't need kernel source any more to compile modules. Just compile 
> modules against /lib/modules/kernel-2.6.9/build directory.
> 1. cd hostap_source_dir
> 2. make KERNEL_PATH=/lib/modules/kernel-2.6.9/build

Ahh, I see.  Thanks.

It turns out my .o problem was caused by "make pci_install".  After
I did "make install", everything now is fine.


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