hostapd(cvs) & madwifi(cvs)

st3v3 at st3v3
Fri Nov 26 04:58:44 PST 2004

Hey Gunter
Ive made some more progress on this issue......

>Your station seams not to be configured to WPA. It sends no WPA IE in its association >request - so hostapd didn't handle this station.

Correct. Im wanting to do 802.1x with dynamic WEP. (i,e without WPA)

In driver_madwifi.c This configuration is not allowed. As the code logic goes 802.1x is invalid without WPA. So Ive temporaily removed most of the WPA version code checks. (via #if 0)

May also need to remove some of the other WPA checks later on in this function. 

This allowed me to then authenticate with WPA disabled.

Do you anticpate any problems with this configuration? If not I will create a patch that allows 802.1x to happen without WPA. (ie. WPA=0, ieee8021x=1 in hostapd.conf)




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