cardmgr-3.2.7 and hostap-cvs-04.11.20

AP-Research HostAP-Research
Sun Nov 21 21:53:44 PST 2004

After hostap-cvs-04.11.20 `make install` and `service pcmcia restart`
cardmgr begins reporting an error:

cardmgr[2144]: open_sock(socket 2) failed: Bad file descriptor
cardmgr[2144]: watching 2 sockets

I wasn't able to get anything relevant from Google :(  I can't rmmod any
more either ?!?  `service pcmcia stop` returns:

ERROR: Module ds is in use by orinoco_cs,hostap_cs
ERROR: Module pcmcia_core is in use by yenta_socket,orinoco_cs,hostap_cs,ds

My steps were:
1) make linux src
2) make hostap-cvs-04.11.20
3) make install hostap-cvs-04.11.20
4) service pcmcia restart

The only software INSTALLED was HostAP... What diagnostic steps do I take
from here?

Toshiba 5205-S703
SMC2532W-B wlan0 - hostap_cs - private cell
miniPCI Agere wlan1 - orinoco_cs - upstream cell

cardmgr version 3.2.7
Wireless Extension v16

KC Ferguson CIO/CTO
eXtreme Response Mobile HotSpot

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