wpa_supplicant 0.2.5 + ipw2100 0.62: problem authenticating with WPA-PSK

Somsak Sriprayoonsakul somsaks
Thu Nov 18 08:24:08 PST 2004

  Here's my environment

Dell Latitude 500 (Intel Centrino + Intel Pro 2100 miniPCI card)
OS: Fedora Core 3
AP: 3com OfficeConnect ADSL Wireless Router (3CRWE754G72-A)
AP configuration: WPA-PSK with TKIP
wpa_supplicant version: 0.2.5 + ipw2100 patch from
http://www.uninova.pt/~pmr/files/WPA/ (I recompile ATRpms SRPMS of
wpa_supplicant with ipw2100 patched)
ipw2100 version: 0.62

   I base my configuration on WPA-HOWTO.sh script (on ipw2100 patched
site). My problem is that, WPA-PSK does not works on my card. I've try
driverloader + windows xp driver (with -Dhostap) and everything works
(except that it needs special kernel with stack size = 16kb which is
not working properly on Centrino). I compare the verbose log message
of the two drivers, it seems as if something wrong happened between
handshake 3 of 4 and "authenticated". Could someone kindly help me out
of this problems?
   Attached with this mail is the -ddd log from wpa_supplicant for
both configuration (driverloader and ipw2100) also dmesg log from my
   Sorry if the problem does not belongs to wpa_supplicant. I don't
sure whether this is ipw2100 driver issue or wpa_supplicant. But the
card works well without WPA enable.
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