Stoped at EPAOL-Key 4/4 in wpa_supplicant 0.25 and latest Madwifi

Michael Reilly michaelr
Mon Nov 15 17:50:21 PST 2004

I am using a 2.4.26 kernel.  That may be the difference.  I have not heard 
of anyone able to get madwifi from October or later and wpa_supplicant 2.5 
working on an Atheros card with a 2.4.2?.  Same with ndiswrapper 0.11.  I 
took a look at ndiswrapper 0.12rc1 but it appears to not compile with a 
2.4.26 kernel.

So the people I know and myself who use Atheros cards are forced to use 
driverloader at this time or try upgrading to a 2.6.x kernel and see if that 

Steven Ihde wrote:
> On Sun, 14 Nov 2004 21:59:28 -0800, Michael Reilly wrote:
>>This is a well documented problem.  Atheros cards fail with madwifi and 
>>ndiswrapper.  They work fine with driverloader.  I have not seen an 
>>explanation for the problem nor any determination as to whether the problem 
>>is in madwifi and ndiswrapper or it is in wpa_supplicant.
>>Based on your message it sounds like a change made to madwifi since the 
>>middle of August caused the problem.  Perhaps a similar change was made to 
> [snip]
> I'm successfully using an Atheros-based DLink DWL-G650 with madwifi
> (checked out mid-October) and wpa_supplicant 0.2.5 (Debian 0.2.5-2)
> with Debian unstable with kernel 2.6.8.  The AP is a Netgear FWG114P,
> and I'm using WPA-PSK.  So it would seem your statement that "Atheros
> cards fail with madwifi" needs further qualification.
> I must admit that there are good days and bad days -- sometimes
> wpa_supplicant spends upwards of a minute "Trying to associate" every
> time it rekeys, and other days it works great.  But fundamentally, it
> works.
> I've been meaning to figure out why it's so inconsistent.  The obvious
> answer is poor signal strength or interference, but this only seems to
> happen when rekeying and I often sit in a spot with a clear line of
> sight to the AP less than 50ft away and the signal strength seems
> good.  I had much better results with a Linksys AP, but my wife's
> PowerBook's AirPort card didn't get along with the Linksys, so we use
> the Netgear :-)
> -Steve

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