Stoped at EPAOL-Key 4/4 in wpa_supplicant 0.25 and latest Madwifi

Steven Ihde x-hostap
Mon Nov 15 15:52:46 PST 2004

On Sun, 14 Nov 2004 21:59:28 -0800, Michael Reilly wrote:
> This is a well documented problem.  Atheros cards fail with madwifi and 
> ndiswrapper.  They work fine with driverloader.  I have not seen an 
> explanation for the problem nor any determination as to whether the problem 
> is in madwifi and ndiswrapper or it is in wpa_supplicant.
> Based on your message it sounds like a change made to madwifi since the 
> middle of August caused the problem.  Perhaps a similar change was made to 
> ndiswrapper.

I'm successfully using an Atheros-based DLink DWL-G650 with madwifi
(checked out mid-October) and wpa_supplicant 0.2.5 (Debian 0.2.5-2)
with Debian unstable with kernel 2.6.8.  The AP is a Netgear FWG114P,
and I'm using WPA-PSK.  So it would seem your statement that "Atheros
cards fail with madwifi" needs further qualification.

I must admit that there are good days and bad days -- sometimes
wpa_supplicant spends upwards of a minute "Trying to associate" every
time it rekeys, and other days it works great.  But fundamentally, it

I've been meaning to figure out why it's so inconsistent.  The obvious
answer is poor signal strength or interference, but this only seems to
happen when rekeying and I often sit in a spot with a clear line of
sight to the AP less than 50ft away and the signal strength seems
good.  I had much better results with a Linksys AP, but my wife's
PowerBook's AirPort card didn't get along with the Linksys, so we use
the Netgear :-)


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