Can't access the access point itself

Daniel Arleth Daniel.Arleth
Tue Nov 9 04:05:06 PST 2004

Hello List,

I am using a senao pcmcia card with Prism II Chip (Firmware 1.4.9) with the hostap driver 0.2.5 in managed mode on a public access point, which is also the default gateway.

Everything works fine, but sometimes I can't access (i.e. ping) the ap any more. dmesg shows up I am still associated and I can still ping other hosts connected to this ap, but the ap itself is not answering to arp requests.

And because the ap is also the default gateway, I can't reach the internet.

I called the tech-support of this public access point and he told me, this is an known issue and I shall "update my software". But I am not sure which software. The driver or the firmware?

Did anybody have a similar problem? Could anybody give me a hint what to do?

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