hostapd 0.2.4 question

Jeremy T. Bouse Jeremy.Bouse
Wed Jul 28 19:14:59 PDT 2004

	I've got the 0.2.4 hostap driver and hostapd configured and
installed on my Debian host. I've also got 2 10/100 NICs (eth0 and
eth1), eth0 is the default used by 2 static address while eth1 is
intended to be in the bridge with wlan0.

	The driver loads fine and detects my LinkSys WMP11 PCI card
(Prism 2.5 chipset not the Broadcom model) which I've flashed to PRI
1.1.1 and STA 1.7.4 fine.

	I've got a WinXP workstation that has no problem associating
while I just have wlan0 up; however when the bridge is up and hostapd is
running then it has trouble associating, and when it can associate it
has problems getting an IP from the DHCP through the bridge. I'm really
hoping to be able to get this bridged but if I can't do that then I
guess I'll have to setup the wireless as a separate network subnet but I
was hoping to avoid that.

	Is there any known issue with hostapd and using a bridge? If so
is there a workaround for it?


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