Help in installing HOSTAP driver

navaneeth navaneeth
Wed Jul 28 03:42:25 PDT 2004

Hi Utin , Ferguson,

         Thanks a lot for your help. I downloaded the hostap driver and built it.

I modifed the config and the hostap_cs.conf file with my card info

card "Lucent Technologies". "WaveLAN/IEEE"  , "Version 01.01", ""
manfid:  0X0156, 0X0002
bind "hostap_cs"

But the interface waln0 never shows up in iwconfig.

I did the following.

1. Built the kernel:
     - copied /boot/config to /usr/src/linux/.config.
     - make old_config
     - make bzImage
     - make modules
     - mkinitrd 
     - make modules_install
     - copied image to /boot
     - modified grub.conf.

2.  I did the following to install hostap-driver:
     - make clean
     - make
     - make install.

when I rebooted the wlan0 never showed up in iwconfig.

1. I think we have to load the wireless firmware. How do we do it ??.

Have I missed anything ??.. why is the wlan0 interface not showing up ??

Thanks so much for your help.


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  You can take a look on my two docs related to these issues.

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  Hi all,

          I have a linux 2.6.5-1.358 kernel. I got the hostap driver and hostap supplicant code from the hostap website.

  I think the hostap supplicant code runs in user space. So I have compiled and built it.

  I am confused about how to install the hostap driver. 

  1. Where should I copy this code (in usr/src/linux/drivers/net/wireless ??)

  2. Then after doing make and make install, when I try to build the image, I get error saying that there is no rule to build hostap.o. I guess I have to change the makefile for this.

  I am a new bee with linux. Can anyone help me or point me to a document.

  The document in hostap is a bit complex for me. Any other help guide for installing hostap driver and setting up the environment.

  Any pointers are greatly appreciated.


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