Host AP for Prism 54

Simon French simonfrench2003
Tue Jul 27 10:16:12 PDT 2004

Hi all,
I'm just starting out with using wifi on Linux. I have a Prism Durette card and I wonder why I can't use the host AP driver with it. I know there is a driver at specifically for the Prism Durette & friends, but it is lagging well behind in features. Not only do I want to use WPA. I also want to use multiple SSIDs at the same time. I want to configure my firewall to let me access the local network with one SSID, but also let my neighbors use my AP with a different SSID (to access the Internet only). Plus it's just more fun for me to learn about the wifi code if I can hack the driver myself.
Anyone know what would be involved to support this? I have heard that the new prism firmware doesn't support host AP mode. But it seems to me that the Prism Durette can't be fundamentally incompatible with host AP mode because it allows me to sniff packets on the wlan. If I can do that, I ought to be able to process them using the hostap driver's code path. Right?
Thanks for your advice,

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