AW: hostAP with embedded Prism2 card

Karl Rothenhofer Karl.Rothenhoefer
Mon Jul 26 12:02:43 PDT 2004

I had the same issue recently, and after failing I did some theoretical
investigations using a couple of sources. Result: hostap doesn't work for
Prism2 over USB, and to my knowledge there is no intent to make it ever

So if you are just interested in a Linux driver for mode managed or ad-hoc,
use prism2_usb, a driver, that may be embedded in your Linux distribution.

If you are interested in making an Accesspoint with that wlan-interface,
then things ar not completely impossible but seem to be such difficult to
me, that I did not try.


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> Hello all.
> I wanted to test the hostAP on a Zaurus 6000 Pda. On this pda
> there is an
> embedded Prism2 wireless card. For the normal driver to be loaded, the
> card manager uses the p80211.o module which registers to the usb
> controller.
> Does hostAP support this embedded kind of Prism2 card?
> Thank you all,
> Andrea
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