WindowsXP and WPA and reauth

Gunter Burchardt gbur
Mon Jul 26 07:07:36 PDT 2004

> Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 06:24:38 -0700
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> Subject: Re: WindowsXP and WPA and reauth
> On Mon, Jul 26, 2004 at 01:54:57PM +0200, Gunter Burchardt wrote:
> > I tried to reauthenticate the WindowsXP supplicant (Patch KB826942) with
> > hostapd. Reauthentication works, but after 5 seconds windows looses
> > connection. It seams that windows want a WPA-Handshake after
> > reauthentication. If windows don't get an EAPOL-Key frame after 5
> > seconds it breaks the connection.
> Which wireless card are you using with WinXP and which driver (including
> version and date)?

I use different cards:
        Linksys WPC54G-DE (broadcom)
        Dell TrueMobile 1150 (lucent 802.11b)
        Centrino (Intel stuff)

All with the same error. It seams not to be a hardware related problem.
The problem is the EAPOL-State machine implemented in Windows XP.
hostap (latest development cvs) runs on Prism2.5 MiniPCI with:
primary firmware: 1.1.1
secondary firmware: 1.7.4

> I tried to reproduce this the last time this was reported, but could
> not.. Reauthentication worked fine with Atheros cards on WinXP.

I will test it with atheros.

> Could you please send full debug logs (both hostapd and WinXP eapol
> trace) for the first authentication and the reauth attempt? Please also 
> send your hostapd.conf file.

atached (I hope smaler than 25 kb).
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