WindowsXP and WPA and reauth

Gunter Burchardt gbur
Mon Jul 26 04:54:57 PDT 2004

Hello NG,

I tried to reauthenticate the WindowsXP supplicant (Patch KB826942) with
hostapd. Reauthentication works, but after 5 seconds windows looses
connection. It seams that windows want a WPA-Handshake after
reauthentication. If windows don't get an EAPOL-Key frame after 5
seconds it breaks the connection.

Windows EAPOL-LOG (while reauth)
[1160] 12:07:14: ElTimeoutCallbackRoutine entered^M
[1160] 12:07:14: EAPOL-Key for transmit key *NOT* received within 5
seconds in AUTHENTICATED state^M

It is possible that hostap can do such a handshake after
reauthentication? What says the specification about reauthentication
and WPA (I think the bug is (as always) in windows)? 


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