AW: AW: Busy bit cleared, 5v override not working

Starkeeper starkeeper
Sun Jul 25 01:22:26 PDT 2004

> As I said, I never used genesis mode personally. Sorry.
> However:
> # ./prism2_srec
> Firmware image downloader for Host AP driver
>   (for Intersil Prism2/2.5/3 cards)
> Copyright (c) 2002-2004, Jouni Malinen <jkmaline at>
> Usage:
>   prism2_srec [-vvrgfdpisD] [-P <PDA file>] [-O <PDA binary>] <interface>
>               <srec file name> [srec file name]
> Options:
>   -v   verbose (add another for more verbosity
>   -r   download SREC file into RAM (volatile)
>   -g   download SREC file into RAM (volatile in Genesis mode)
>   -f   download SREC file into flash (non-volatile)
>   -d   dump SREC image into prism2_srec.dump
>   -p   persistent mode for volatile download
>   -i   ignore incompatible interfaces errors
>        Warning! This can result in failed upgrade!
>   -s   Skip PDA reading and use defaults from the firmware image
>   -D   Dump PDA in text format (this can be used without srec file)
>   -P <PDA file>   Override card PDA (with a PDA file in text format)
>        Warning! This can result in failed upgrade!
>   -O <PDA binary>   Override procfs path for binary PDA
>        Warning! This can result in failed upgrade!
> Looks like there is *some* genesis mode support.
> Did you try it?
> --
> vda

So you fixed your card with that tool. But what file have you written to
flash? I tryied to dump an SREC from a working card to disk, but the option
"-d" asks me for an existing file. I think this can't work cause he has to
make this file for me. What Is wrong?

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