HostAP on ThinkPad T30 - Got wlan0 in ifconfig but can't scan or get an IP

Stefán Freyr Stefánsson stefan
Thu Jul 22 15:11:06 PDT 2004


I'm trying to make the transition from using the orinoco driver over to HostAP. My primary reasons are 1) the orinoco stuff had a tendency to freak out on me and block my computer (got some error about writing to BAP descriptor or something) and 2) HostAP supposedly supports SSID scanning.

I've downloaded the HostAP driver and managed to build it and install it. I removed orinoco, orinoco_pci and hermes with rmmod and modprobed hostap_pci which loaded the hostap_pci and the hostap modules.

I've done "ifconfig wlan0 up" and doing "ifconfig" after that shows the two new interfaces (wlan0 and wifi0). However, doing "iwlist scan" doesn't return any SSIDs  although there is one active "in the air". Furthermore, running my dhcp client (pump) results in a hang for about 30 seconds to a minute and then a message saying "Operation failed" and it leaves the network in the same state as it was before (no IP address is assigned and the network just does not work). I have set the same settings (SSID, WEP key, etc.) on the wlan0 card as I did on the eth1 card when I was using orinoco.

Messages in /var/log/syslog include:
... kernel: Scan result translation succeeded (length=0)
... pumpd[_pid_]: PUMP: sending discover
... kernel: wifi0: Deauthenticate all stations

and that's about it.. nothing really looks suspicious.

Can anybody please point me in the right direction here? Am I missing something? Can I increase the logging level somehow? Anybody simply has a solution to my problem???

Thanks, Stefan Freyr.

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