prism2_srec problem in 0.2.4 version

Jar jar
Wed Jul 21 23:17:03 PDT 2004

> On Wed, Jul 21, 2004 at 07:28:04PM -0700, Jouni Malinen wrote:
>> I'll take a look at this and try to fix the driver for the case where
>> the interface is up, although I would recommend doing firmware upgrades
>> before enabling the interface by setting the netdev up..
> OK, this should now be fixed in the CVS version (both devel and 0.2
> stable branch).

Yes, I am running prism2_srec remotely via wlan connection and the network
interfaces are already up. But it is OK now, old and new versions work at
the same way now. Thanks for fixing this !

I have to use the "-i" option with prism2_srec reason or another. The
firmware file is correct for my card but the prism2_srec complains (always
has complained):

srec summary for r1010701.hex
Included file name: r1010701.hex
Component: 0x001f 1.7.1 (station firmware)

Verifying update compatibility and combining data:
Incompatible interfaces:
  SREC: role=Actor    variant=1 range=1-1 iface=Modem-Firmware (1)
  card: role=Supplier variant=0 range=1-1 iface=Modem-Firmware (1)
Incompatible update data.

Best Regards, Jar

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