prism2_srec problem in 0.2.4 version

jar jar
Wed Jul 21 05:18:14 PDT 2004

Brian Sturgill wrote:
> You really should download a primary firmware along with it. Your 
> primary firmware is ancient :)
> Example: prism2_srec -r wlan0 ak010101.hex rf010800.hex

No this is "old" prism2 card not prism2.5 f-series card. Primary 
firmaware is ok. What I want to say is, that when I used ver. 0.1.3 
driver & utils I was able to download the ram firmaware to the card and 
after that it initilizes & works ok. Now I have just updated the hostap 
diver and utils to ver. 0.2.4. The same ram download doesn't seem to 
work anymore for me. Maybe some firmware downloading related code has 

BR. Jar

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