information requested about IEEE 802.11-DS and IEEE 802.11b

Pavel Roskin proski
Mon Jul 19 11:36:41 PDT 2004

On Mon, 19 Jul 2004, Oscar Rodilla wrote:

> I continue with the problem related. As Jouni says, the only way to come back 
> to an IEEE 802.11b output is resetting my card. But not with the 'iwpriv 
> wlan0 reset 1' command (the output of the iwconfig continues showing IEEE 
> 802.11-DS). Only with the commands 'crdctl eject' and 'cardctl insert' the 
> output of iwconfig changes to the correct one.

If that's true, your firmware must be very buggy.

> The firmware version of my Conceptronic card is 0.7.6

Please upgrade to something more recent, like 1.7.1 (I assume you have 
Prism 2 chipset).  See for details 
how to flash new firmware.

By the way, please write in plain text, without HTML attachments.

Pavel Roskin

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