building a WAP - card questions

Robert D. Crawford rdc1x
Mon Jul 19 10:54:52 PDT 2004

I am going to build a WAP and have a few questions concerning the card I
have chosen.  Nothing has been written in stone, though, so other
solutions/recommendations are welcome.

I think I am going to go with the Netgear MA311.  This card seems to be
what I need (external antenna, prism based, pci) butI have a few
questions as to if it will work in my server.  The specs state that the
card requires pci v.2.2 and a PIII processor. The server in question is
a Compaq ProLiant 800 with a PII 400.  How can I find out if the pci bus
is 2.2?  The machine is currently running RH 7.x (7.2, I think) but will
be upgraded to Debian as soon as I get around to it (and a free day to
do the setup).

Any help/pointers/other will be greatly appreciated.  Any other needed
info can be provided, but I am not sure what info might be needed.

Thank you,


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