data collection

Sameer Moidu smoidu
Sun Jul 18 18:42:24 PDT 2004


I sent an earlier message, and I checked the archives to find that
someone was trying to get rssi statistics per packet in master mode,
and this would be impossible as it would require altering the
networking structures of linux itself to include the extra fields and
make it so they wouldn't mess everything up.

So, my other question is, is it possible to simply report the data
that I require on a per packet basis to something like syslog or
perhaps create another log somewhere for this specifically? Another
alternative might be to report the data to some place in /proc.

What I would like, ideally, is a situation where I can put the card in
managed mode, where I can pick an access point to join to. In this
situation, I would like reported, per frame, the transmission rate,
the signal strength (rssi or dbm) of the transmission, the "noise"
(rssi or dbm of the signal prior to the transmission).



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