IEEE 802.11-DS and IEEE 802.11b

Oscar Rodilla oscarcete
Sun Jul 18 08:14:19 PDT 2004

Hi to everybody.

I'm programming a script (executed in the hostap) which obtains the 
channel whith less interferences from other AP's. After this scan, the 
HostAP changes to mode master and starts working in this channel.

Everything works correctly when the output of a "iwconfig" command shows 
something like that:

wlan0     IEEE 802.11b    mode:  ....

But sometimes, this output changes to IEEE 802.11-DS and then nothing 
works correctly. When this occurs, the card doesn't accept "iwpriv" or 
most "iwconfig" commands. A solution is restart the card (another time I 
see IEEE 802.11b in the output) but obviously this is not the best way 
because clients connected to hostAP will loose their connection.

Anybody can tell me why the card changes to IEEE 802.11-DS ?? What does 
it mean ??

Thanks in advance and sorry if my English is quite poor :(


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