HostAP 0.2.3 on PPC (2.6.7) problems

Ryan Verner xfesty
Wed Jul 14 22:21:27 PDT 2004


I'm having some issues trying to use HostAP on a Powerbook G4; running 
Debian Sid, with 2.6.7 kernel (main kernel tree, not benh).  I've 
patched the kernel with the latest HostAP driver, and everything 
compiles and installs fine.

Using an Orinoco card, everything seems to work okay, but I prefer the 
HostAP driver.  Using HostAP, there's some strange issues; the driver 
installs fine and sees the card, I can set the card to Master mode and 
use it like that without any issues, but it won't work properly in 
Managed mode.

Managed mode will set fine, but I can't set an essid - it remains blank 
(iwconfig wlan0 essid networkname).  As a result it won't associate to 
any networks.  The same driver/kernel compiled on an x86 machine works 
perfectly with the same card.

Any clues?



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