Maximum of how many wireless cards

Jim Thompson jim
Mon Jul 12 08:30:25 PDT 2004

On Jul 12, 2004, at 8:09 AM, Denis Vlasenko wrote:

> In fact, I discovered needed ch spacing by moving one card away
> (in freq space) from other one which was sitting at 1st ch
> until TCP throughput stopped to be outrageously low.
> With 1 and 6 channels I get 200kb/s. It does not measurable
> improve with 1 and 7 ch.

OK.  So?  (6 on 1 is not much better than 7 on 1).

200kbps (assuming 'b' is bytes, not bits) is only 1.6Mbps, which is far 
less than I would
expect for an 11Mbps (or even 5.5Mbps) link.

What is your throughput (er, goodput) for only one channel running?

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