Proxim Harmony 802.11b

Pavel Roskin proski
Thu Jul 8 19:43:18 PDT 2004

On Thu, 8 Jul 2004, Colin Worth wrote:

> I have tried the Orinoco driver included in the Kernel (2.4.27).  I will
> try Agere, and also a different IRQ setting if my Proxim card folds back
> together:  I just took a screwdriver and opened it up, to reveal the
> following chips:
> one Harris HFA3841CN chip
> Does this help on determining the chipset?

Yes.  The chipset is Prism2.  No need to try Agere drivers.  HostAP should
work with your card.  Orinoco should work too, but consider using the
latest version 0.15rc1 or the CVS version.

Pavel Roskin

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