ipw2100 WEP

B.Suess fidol
Mon Jul 5 16:52:44 PDT 2004

Sorry I've already reported this to the ipw2100 list, but nobody has answered 
I compiled the new ipw2100 (centrino wlan driver) 0.47 and discovered that I 
can' t use wep encryption to  connect to my access point which is basically a 
wlan card running hostapd (version 2.3). 

This output is generated by the hostapd:

authentication: STA=00:0d:f1:1f:cd:c9 auth_alg=1 auth_transaction=1 
status_code=0 wep=0
Unsupported authentication algorithm (1)
authentication reply: STA=00:0c:f1:1f:cd:c9 auth_alg=1 auth_transaction=2 
Received 30 bytes management frame
MGMT (TX callback) ACK
mgmt::auth cb
handle_auth_cb: STA 00:0d:f1:1f:cd:c9 not found

The WEP key is set correctly.
I've tested it with a "real" encrypted access point. I can connect to a 128/64 
bit WEP encrypted Netgear WLAN router without any problem. Perhaps it's a 
problem with the hostapd driver, or the ipw2100 driver, I don't know which 
leads to  the output:
"Unsupported authentication algorithm"

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