sankpal_manisha sankpal_manisha
Mon Jul 5 04:13:14 PDT 2004

Today strange behaviour of the WDS using hostap -0.1.3 is observed . 
There are two APs one having netgate mini-pci card and other us robobtics pci card . 
For usrobotics pci card i have to explicitly modprobe hostap_plx module.  and  for minipci card there is hostap_pci card.

The WDS is configured by adding the MAC addresses of the APs and using iwpriv command(As per README file). WEP is also enabled by cmd

iwconfig wlan0 key 0123456789

when one AP tries to ping each other, it sends broadcast message. Why this is happening? The source and BSSID are (i.e means two addresses are the addresses of APs ) ok but the destination address is broadcast address.
also other AP is not getting the ICMP ping response. 
After sniffing packets it is observed that other AP is also sending data to first AP which is pinging. 

Does this mean that either AP is unable to decrypt the packets? 
why this is happening? 

please shed on this issue
thanks in advance
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