Nebojsa Micovic micovic
Sat Jul 3 06:50:36 PDT 2004

Yeap, problem... another...

Somehow I managed to compile 0.2.3, 

1. kernel
make cloneconfig
make bzImage
make modules

2. hostap-0.2.3
make install

3. console
ra400:~ # modprobe -l hostap_pci
ra400:~ # modprobe hostap_pci
ra400:~ #

4. so it is here, but it won't do

PCI wireless card is : gemtek 360 (geneko wl-560b), 
it works fine under suse 9.0 width hostap 0.0.4-0.1.3
it works fine under suse 9.1 width orinoco_pci module

5. please what to do
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