Questions about DLink card

T.J. Kniveton tj
Thu Jul 1 17:43:35 PDT 2004

Hi folks, I am new to the list, and wanted to ask a question.. first off,
thanks to Jouni Malinen for making this driver.

I am testing with a Prism2.5 card, the SMC2532W-B (which shows up in the
system log as a Zcomax XI-325H 200mW), and also want to try the D-Link
DWL-650, rev P1.

With the D-link, when I insert the card, the sys log shows that it was
recognized as the proper card, and the HostAP driver is activated.
However; when I issue a "ifconfig wlan0 up", it fails to bring the
interface up. Any successive iwconfig commands fail.

Is this a known problem? I couldn't find the answer by doing a search...


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