[wpa_supplicant] idea (maybe stupid)

Lubomir Gelo lgelo
Tue Aug 31 06:02:25 PDT 2004


I'm thinking about using wpa_supplicant instead of waproamd. The problem
is that wpa_supplicant doesn't have support for executing external
commands on association/dissassociation. With waproamd I'm using scripts
to ifup/ifdown interface with appropriate mappings so I can have static
IP addresses on certain networks and DHCP assigned ones on others. 

I'm proposing adding support for executing external commands after
association and disassociation. It requires two parameters for global
configuration e.g.:

	default_assoc_command="ifup wlan0=%S"
	default_disassoc_command="ifdown wlan0"

and two for network block e.g.:


After sucessuful association/disassociation *assoc_command will be
executed. If not set and default_*assoc_command is set it will be
executed instead. Otherwise nothing is executed.

Is such functionality desired?


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