[Fwd: [Ipw2100-devel] [PATCH] WPA preliminary support]

Pedro Ramalhais ramalhais
Sat Aug 28 09:39:33 PDT 2004

Hi Jouni!
I thought i had CC'ed the hostap mailing list.
Here is the message with the patches.
-----Forwarded Message-----
From: Pedro Ramalhais <ramalhais at serrado.net>
To: James Ketrenos <jketreno at linux.co.intel.com>
Cc: ipw2100-devel List <ipw2100-devel at lists.sourceforge.net>, Lubomir Gelo <lgelo at cnc.sk>
Subject: [Ipw2100-devel] [PATCH] WPA preliminary support
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 2004 00:02:52 +0100

Hi James!
Here's my WPA patches for ipw2100-0.53 and hostap/wpa_supplicant CVS.
Right now it can only do the 4-way handshake, it can't unencrypt the
first goup key message packet yet. I just hope i didn't spend all this
time for nothing...

To Lubomir: It would be nice if you could answer other people's emails.
Pedro Ramalhais <ramalhais at serrado.net>

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