Is it possible?

Karel Rericha karel
Fri Aug 27 10:51:35 PDT 2004

Piotr D?browski napsal(a):

>>I have DLink DWL900AP+ revC2 and I try firmware 3.02 and 3.07
>Sorry, I try 3.02 and 3.06
> Piotr
Use 3.07b2 (or 3.07, just renamed), 3.10 for rev. C2, and 2.61 or 2.62b1 
for rev. B1.

3.06 DOESN'T WORK !!!

Don't forget to set antenna to diversity ! (IMPORTANT - bug in firmware, 
in nearly all revisions)

I have pretty same config and it works great with mentioned firmwares 
(olders are shit, especially
for rev. C2 (except 3.02). For hostap I used 0.1.3, 0.2.1, 0.2.3, 0.2.4 
and all worked well.

BTW do you use mac filter for hostap driver ? It looks like this is the 
case, because DWL-900AP+
sends mac addresses of its bridged clients up to hostap, so you have to 
have not only mac of DWL,
but of all clients behind it too in mac allow list, if you use

iwpriv wlan0 maccmd 1

So your clients are effectively cut of hostap even when DWL is connected.



P.S.: If you use some kind of other mac filtering (I'm using shorewall's 
maclist), you have to have
add all mac addresses there too.

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