Any Prism dependencies for separating 802.1x?

Gunter Burchardt gbur
Wed Aug 25 23:30:26 PDT 2004

> Hi,
>  I know that WPA have support from prism firmware for setting TKIP keys.But
> is there any Prism
> firmware dependencies if I implement WEP and 802.1x for wired lan using an
> ethernet card ?
> I want to separate out WEP and 802.1x authentication part for HostAP . Will
> there be any prism dependencies?
> thanks
> Crispin Jacob

I'm writing on a wired authenticator using hostapd. All prism-related
things are seperated from user space deamon to driver spcific files
(driver.c and receive.c). There is an interface to hostapd for other
drivers. Im writing the wired driver for hostapd. It will come soon (If
jouni has added my last patch).


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