Infra and Ad-hoc simultaneously?

Stefan Winter kickdown
Fri Aug 20 17:05:38 PDT 2004


the 802.11 standard forbids that a station is associated to more than one 
access point. However, it does not explicitly forbid a station to be 
associated with one access point and take part in a different Ad-hoc network 
simultaneously (since in Ad-hoc, stations do not associate). Of course this 
would only be possible when both networks use the same channel, which would 
cut the available bandwidth by half. But, would it in theory be possible to 
have two "virtual" interfaces, one being in Managed mode in a infrastructure 
network, and the other in an Ad-hoc network?
This could be something like having a "wifi0" entry for the physical WLAN 
interface and a "wlan0" and "wlan1" representing the two logical connections.
Is this possible?


Stefan Winter

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