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At the following site:
There is a question:
"Q. What is the difference between the Microsoft PEAP supplicant and the
Cisco PEAP supplicant?"
Answer is: The Microsoft PEAP supplicant supports client authentication by
only MS-CHAP Version 2.....

This means that MS-PEAP only supports MSChapv2 and not the GTC.
This point is again emphasized in the page-2, 2nd paragraph last two lines
of the attached document.

This contradicts the statement below given by Jouni.

Kindly clarify on this.


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On Mon, Aug 23, 2004 at 09:04:20PM +0530, Manoj Verma, Noida wrote:

> The wpa_supplicant code implements the Microsoft PEAP (MSChapv2), but 
> I am not able to find if the wpa_supplicant also implements the CISCO
> If it does, kindly provide pointer to that code.

Yes, it does. eap_peap.c includes both the PEAPv0 ("Microsoft") and
PEAPv1 ("Cisco") implementation and both can be used with MSCHAPv2 and
GTC as inner authentication methods.

Please note that PEAPv1 has some interoperability issues since various
RADIUS servers implement it differently. I fixed couple of problems with
PEAPv1 just couple of days ago, so you may have to use the development
CVS snapshot with some servers. In addition, you may have to tweak
couple of parameters in wpa_supplicant.conf based on which server you
are using (most likely, add phase1="peaplabel0" for Cisco mode); see
eap_testing.txt for more details.

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