Whether to upgrade?

James B. Hiller jhiller
Mon Aug 23 21:01:18 PDT 2004


Been, and am, running hostap 0.1.2 for 8 months now with a DLink-520 Rev A2,
PCI (PRI is 1.1.1, STA is 1.7.4).  Far as I can tell, all is doing great, so
am a bit reluctant to mess with it :-)  (Tremendous piece of software, Jouni!)

Also been watching the mailing list all this time.  Question is, is there
much/any utility in upgrading?  The box it's on is running linux-2.6.0,
and being the WAP/router is all it does, so there's no immediate need
that I know of to run a newer kernel, either.

Appreciate any informed guidance on the matter.


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