kinda hack?

Donghyuk Woo shine21
Sun Aug 22 21:19:51 PDT 2004

Thank you, Jouni !!
I had another experiments today.
I modified addr3 field to the address of the other node which is connected
to AP (HostAP mode) by wired Ethernet.
(I'm using AP in bridge mode.)
And I modified addr2 field which indicates BSSID to totally strange one.
Then, I enabled RTS/CTS mechanism.
And what happened?
The AP sent my laptop RTS packet of which source address doesn't exist on
the network, and my poor laptop sent CTS to the stranger.
This process was repeated twice. (I've already set the retry limit to 2
using iwconfig.)
And, of course, there was no data transmission as I expected.
I think this procedure can prevent all other stations from using the medium
'cause they are learned not to use the medium by their NAV.
Isn't this interesting? I had so fun today.

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