kinda hack?

Donghyuk Woo shine21
Thu Aug 19 04:56:22 PDT 2004

Hello, all
I tried some interesting experiment today.
First, I made an udp client on Linux machine (w/ hostap) which sends
meaningless 1200 bytes-long packet three times to my laptop.
I could definitely see these packets delievered to the laptop by sniffing
the medium (I use AiroPeek).
Second, I modified hostap_data_start_xmit of hostap_80211_tx.c.
I changed addr1 field (destination address) to another address which doesn't
exist on the network if the packet was generated by my udp client program,
(I compared the udp port number.) and then called dev_queue_xmit.
However, I counldn't find out those packets !!!
I assumed that the address was checked by the kernel and NIC would merely
send this packet.
What would prevent this packet from being delivevered?
Does NIC have its own association table or something?
Woo, Donghyuk
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