Possible 0.2.4 bug with Card Service Restarts

Kelly Hogan kshogan
Tue Aug 17 20:37:39 PDT 2004

We noticed that when running hostap, with two different flavors of cards
in the system, ie Soekris 4511, and one pci driver, and one cs driver,
that when a person restarts the pcmcia card services, that we get
multiple wlan1 entries in the /proc/net/hostap structure.  Things work,
but the reference to wlan1 becomes ambiguous in the proc table.

By unloading the parent hostap driver, which in our case is OK, and
reloading hostap_pci & _cs, it corrects the issue and things are sane. 
Something to do with the card services stop is not clearing the wlan1
entry before adding the new one.


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