AP stops working?

slushpupie at gmail.com slushpupie
Fri Aug 13 05:20:32 PDT 2004

This has happened to me a few times now, everything is running fine,
hosts associate with the AP, then suddenly no one can associate with
it. The hosts all see it out there, but they cant associate to it. 
There are no error messages (that Im aware of) and generally I have
been rebooting to fix the problem.

I have:
DWL-520 HW/E1 (Prism 2.5 - no firmware)
hostap_pci  driver 0.2.0
Kernel 2.4.26-1-k6 from debian testing.
wireless-tools 26+27pre22-1 from debian testing

Does anyone have any suggestions to fix this?


Jay Kline

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