802.1x troubles...

Larry@Home larry.leblanc
Tue Aug 10 21:20:08 PDT 2004

Ok...I managed to find a series related to this topic on the mail list that indicated the built-in minimal
authenticator wouldn't work for dynamic WEP keying so I disabled that completely and set a fixed WEP key and
things are working. I'm still confused about the keys that are being generated and cycled by hostapd (shown
by iwlist wlan0 key). What are they being used for?

I'll continue now with my freeRADIUS setup and try to get dynamic WEP (and eventually WPA/802.11i) working
with that...



>Hmmm...it seems the promised attachment didn't show up here. Here is my log from hostapd -ddd:

...log removed...

>/>/I'm (eventually) trying to setup a full-blown
>/>/802.11i AP using freeRADIUS but I thought I would
>/>/take baby steps and see if I could get 802.1x
>/>/working with the minimal EAP server built-in to
>/>/hostapd. From what I can see in the hostapd logs
>/>/things seem to work OK - I see messages indicating
>/>/that the port is authorized and authenticated, >i.e.:
>/>/wlan0: STA <my client MAC> IEEE 802.1X: authorizing
>/>/wlan0: STA <my client MAC> IEEE 802.1X: authenticated
>/>/But my (WinXP) client doesn't seem to understand
>/>/that it is authenticated. My DHCP queries fail and
>/>/if I force another query Windows launches into the
>/>/authentication process again. So it seems Windows
>/>/does not understand the link is up.
>/>/I am using hostapd-0.2.4 with hostap-driver-0.2.4.
>/>/In hostapd.conf I have set the following:
>/>/wep_rekey_period=0 # for now I'd just like to get one!
>/>/eapol_key_index_workaround=0 # since I'm setting unicast keys
>>/I've attached the output from "hostapd -ddd". If
>/>/anyone has any hints, I'd love to hear them. If you
>/>/need me to capture and post any additional data,
>/>/let me know.


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