Karel Rericha karel
Tue Aug 10 00:50:21 PDT 2004

Jouni Malinen napsal(a):

>This would require that ap_bridge_packets=0 and Linux bridge code would
>be used to bridge packets back to the same interface. The default kernel
>does not support this, but I have seen couple of patch files that claim
>to enable this kind of mode. After this, ebtables could be used to
>filter packets between the associated stations.
>In other words, this is likely to require some work and kernel changes.
>I have not tested this myself and I don't know whether there are any
>good step-by-step instructions on this kind of change.
Hi Jouni,

I was in contact recently with linux bridge and ebtables maintainers, 
and they seem to don't like
the idea of modifying bridge code to let it resend packets back to same 
interface (by per interface
option), even when I explained to them the great importance of such 
thing for wireless interfaces
in master mode.

Could you please recommend some of the patches you mentioned ? Few 
months ago when I first
brought this matter here, someone sent me a patch, but it was little bit 
"hairy", decision on whether
send packets back or not to same interface was made by name of interface 
(if it is wlan0 then send).


Karel Rericha

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