nondito nondito
Sun Aug 8 14:15:16 PDT 2004

	0 = do not bridge packets between associated
stations, i.e. just pass them to upper layers for
	1 = bridge packets directly between associated
stations, i.e. upper layers do not even see these


Clients on my hostap interface could communicate with
each other when the ap_bridge_packets is set to 1 -
which is usual. But to stop the clients from seeing
each others shared folder I set the value to 0 and now
they can't even ping each other (other P2P between
them does NOT work as well).

Is ther any way I can let the clients to communicate
with each other but block some ports using iptables?
This ap_bridge_packets are imposing two different
situations on two extremes. If set to 1, they can
communicate unconditionally and no restriction can be
imposed. If set to 0, they can't communicate at all.

Is there any work around? Am I missing something?



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