flash prism2

Seth Rothenberg seth
Fri Aug 6 11:57:52 PDT 2004

I'm new to the list.  I subscribed after googling for
prism2 upgrade and finding a whole discussion in the
archives about prism2 flashing.

I'm trying to use prism2 cards in a m0n0wall,
which only supports 1.1.1/1.5.6
The cards are currently at 1.7.4/1.?.?
I also have 1 card that is not recognizable,
due to a failed upgrade.

I presently have a Mandrake laptop, but presume it
doesn't have the special kernel needed, etc.
I have access to a Windows 98, but I was
only able to upgrade one card with it.

I also have access to a system running pebble.


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